Caution urged when sharing roads with farmers

To the editor:

The Mifflin County Farm Bureau wishes to recognize the week of April 14 to 20 as National Rural Road Safety Week.

As you are traveling public highways for the planting and other activities leading to harvest you will, in all probability, be sharing the road with all types of farm machinery. If we all show a little mutual respect, we can get through the season safely.

As farmers are forced into farming multiple farms to prosper, we are going to spend more time traveling public roads.

The motor vehicle code has changed in the last year. I urge farmers to become informed of these changes and to operate within the law.

I would again urge all involved to share the highways. I urge everyone to show mutual care and courtesy for any situation you are confronted with. Someone in the transportation business had a well-know slogan, “Courtesy of the road to you.”

Think of this slogan as you enjoy your travel this summer.

Frank A. Bonson