Writer says previous letter wasn’t anti-union rant

To the editor:

Recently I wrote a letter to the editor criticizing Kathleen Kane and the Democrat political machine. I got wind that some were upset with me, I think they took it as a rail against unions. In hindsight I can see how that could have happened. That was not at all my intention. I have no problem with unions negotiating the best deal they can get for their members. In fact, I am in a union. I’m the kind of person that pretty much gets along with everyone, so when I realized that some good people may have been offended or upset with me, it really bothered me. I take the blame for being unclear. To those who got that impression and were offended, I apologize.

What I am opposed to is the politicians using tax dollars as their own re-election funds. The spending is out of control, and the rising taxes and massive debt is slowly taking our economy and our country down. I don’t consider myself a Democrat or Republican, just a constitutionalist. I understand some will not agree with my political view, and I respect that and defend their right to the view they hold. Ultimately, we are in the same boat and if it sinks, we all go down.

Scott Stewart