Union worker responds to letter from real world

To the editor:

In response to yesterday’s (Tuesday, March 5, 2013) letter titled “Democrats vs. the people leads to votes from union” written my Mr. Scott Stewart, I would like to respond as one of those state government workers that recieve higher pay, wages and retirement than my skill level would earn me in the private (real) world.

First off a very high percentage of these workers you refer to are prior military that, yes, do recieve veterans’ preference (meaning they get 10 extra points that someone in the real world doesn’t). Maybe that is because they are put in harm’s way defending this country in foreign lands all while dodging bullets and avoiding IEDs and not to mention spending up to years away from their family back in the real world once again.

Then these veterans (such as myself) get hired for a government job such as in the world of corrections where on a daily basis we maintain order in a world that cannot be described to anyone unless you have been there (such as the military). We babysit the scum of the earth inmates which people in the real world only see in the newspaper which will describe their heinous crimes.

We are exposed to Hepatitis B, C and HIV almost daily. We deal with the mentally ill inmates (which is probably close to 40 percent). We get to watch them fingerpaint with feces, we get feces and urine thrown on us, we get exposed to blood and weapons when the inmates fight. We do a job that most of you in the real world wouldn’t attempt for the wage and benefit package we do recieve.

As for the politics of it all, I am a registered Republican and honestly I don’t think it has anything to do with party. Both parties recieve campaign endorsements from unions. And trust me, I can think for myself when it comes time to vote and I’m not always in agreement with who my union backs. Bottom line is that my union helps secure my wage and benefits and compensates me and other corrections officers for what we experience on a daily basis and for what might happen to us in the line of duty.

In closing, just remember that you really can’t classify all government workers as a whole because the jobs we do really don’t exist in your real world.

William E. Snook