Takes issue with casino comparison to economy

To the editor:

Mr. Brittain, your analogy of the economy and a casino is a joke at best. Even if the country does not spend more than coming in, there is interest due, payments due all the time on the debt (your friend at the casino may have thugs that demand the money now). So if we do not raise the debt ceiling now, our rating goes to (trash), and guess what, we get to pay a higher interest on what debt the government does have. I guess paying more on what we already owe makes sense? Would you go refinance a loan for a higher interest rate than what you are paying.

I agree they need to have a balanced budget and stick to it, but until the next budget is due you have to pay for what is already allocated.

Also, social security is not a “hand out” unless you have not been paying your taxes. They take it out of every one of my paychecks.

Donald Fultz