Republicans must bring guns to the gun fights

To the editor:

Obama is making use of the old adage, “keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.” His meeting with the Republican leadership is merely a ploy to set them up for a fall. Most likely the Republicans will succumb to the strategy as they have in the past. Republicans are very good at shooting themselves in both feet. They do it by commission and omission.

It all began when Obama was running in the Democratic primary. He dispensed with Hilary Clinton who was left bewildered and with her head spinning. I can hear her saying, “What just happened?”

McCain and Romney both were bamboozled by Obama and to this day have no real understanding why they lost their respective elections. I have no evidence to the contrary. Obama is a pro, McCain and Romney were not in the same league.

The Republicans think that by being nice, inclusive and compromising of their historical values they can beat the Democrats at their own game. In my opinion, unlikely. When you participate in a gun fight, you need to bring a gun. They are in desperate need of a reawakening. Perhaps we can find an exorcist to perform the rights.

Romney lost the election because he came to the gun fight with a book. Obama shot him full of holes. After the first debate, Romney’s tactic was to coast to victory. He fell for Obama’s ploy hook, line and sinker! Is Romney to blame or Romney’s advisors?

Obama did the same to McCain earlier. The Republicans learned nothing from McCain’s defeat. They merely repeated the same mistakes.

The Democrats are the party of emotion. They win elections not by winning the debate on the facts but by winning the hearts and minds of the electorate by appealing to the base emotions of the human race. A promise of a chicken in every pot and free health care buys more votes than a balanced budget argument. Demonizing your opponent is more effective than stating, “he is a good man but I disagree with his position.” You do not win wars by being nice. War is hell! It appears that politics is hell, also. Do you want to win?

Republicans are in error when they think they can win enough independents and conservative Democrats by merely using facts. They need to wake up and fight for their country, tooth and nail if necessary. In four more years there may not be a country left to save.

However, there is hope. Obama and the Democrats are in the process of making life for the ordinary citizen so awful they will demand change. The Republicans will win, by default, but only after a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering. Perhaps then, Republicans will finally realize that facts without an emotional connection is a losing proposition.

Clyde Bailey