Progressives win when no child crosses the line

To the editor:

There is a faded yellow line painted the entire length of the front sidewalk that runs along the Greenwood Elementary School in Millerstown. It is two feet from the curb and travels 681 feet.

It is there for safety reasons, to remind students not to wander into the path of approaching buses. No doubt, that is a good thing. However, it is a sad day when students do not cross that line before it is time to board, some inadvertently, some on purpose.

The progressives of public education win when no student crosses that line on a given day. If no one crosses for an entire semester, a celebration is called for.

Those who dare cross the line, seen or unseen, make real leaders. They are the risk takers with imagination and a true appreciation for safety’s role and its subtle restrictions on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

If too many kids presume to think for themselves by crossing that line, schools may be forced to follow the safety rules of day care by roping them together.

The Obama administration continues to prove its excellence when it comes to understanding collective significance, which history has shown leads to mass misery through the repression of individual liberty and dignity, fostered by a population conditioned not to see it.

Obama ostensibly wants all of us to pay lots more for inclusive but less quality health care without raising a fuss, all in the name of government controlled egalitarianism.

Greenwood High School students are under near constant video surveillance. The only time they are not under observation is in the shower room and bathroom. All for safety reasons, of course, but also to proffer proof positive evidence when confronted with unacceptable behavior.

This is significant preparation for accommodation into our developing Orwellian society. Great Britain has more cameras per capita than we do, but the United States is rapidly closing the gap.

Kids through significant schooling develop an attitude of dependence where all meaningful decisions affecting their welfare are determined for them by a village of experts. They become well schooled but have learned little of meaning. Successful students recite volumes of facts but have little understanding of real life application of information.

Since they are slow to grow up, graduates readily fit into Plato’s Republic vision of utopian society and today’s global communalism.

There are people who do escape by retaining their imagination. Recently an employee of the company that put the out-of-focus Hubble Telescope into space figured out how to correct it. He saw something of significance in the water gushing forth from his showerhead and applied it to correct the problem.

Hope remains.

Wayne C. Beaver