Democrats vs. the people leads to votes from union

To the editor:

Newly elected Democrat Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has struck down a well-researched plan to privatize the Pennsylvania Lottery.

Gov. Tom Corbett has made efforts to tackle the financial problems that confront Pennsylvania. One of his initiatives, the privatizing of the Pennsylvania Lottery would make it more efficient and of less risk to the taxpayer. It would net a larger return to the programs that benefit senior citizens. The operations and jobs would still be located in Pennsylvania. It’s a win/win for the people.

In spite of the benefits to the citizens and taxpayers, true to her party stripes Kane favored special interest over the people and shot down the legislation. She of course cited “legal” reasons, but lawyer type politicians can find “legal” reasons to shoot down or approve any legislation.

This is clearly payback to the unions who oppose privatizing the lottery. Government employees, like those working in the lottery system, generally receive higher pay, and better benefits and retirement than their skill level would secure them in the private (real) world. The unions that represent these employees give huge amounts of propaganda and money to the Democratic Party. Democrats like Kane then use their elected positions to protect the golden goose.

The bill to pay for this circle of corruption is handed to the citizens and taxpayers. Unlike negotiations between a private company and a union, the “payer” has no representation. The politicians are bought, they keep the government employee unions in power, and the taxpayer is charged.

Call it corruption, bribery, vote buying or all of the above, until the people of this state, and indeed of this country wake up to the sleazy politics of the Democratic Party, and the corrupt mainstream media that covers for them, we will continue down this path of growing government and economy crushing taxes and deficits.

Scott Stewart