Calls himself a sinner just voicing his opinion

To the editor:

The very word Armageddon brings a whole litany of emotions such as fear, disbelief, anticipation, hope, dread, wonder, expectation, denial and indifference. There are still, probably a few, who have never heard of the word.

I do believe there is a large, but dwindling number of persons who know in their hearts, they are bound for life eternal, regardless of what Armageddon means, or if and when it will occur. These people are born-again Christians.

Let’s talk about some other groups. First the atheists, who really believe there is no God, no maker, nothing, we’re just here. I feel sorry for them. Now to those who claim to be atheists, but show so much hatred for Christianity, that I have to believe they do believe in God and Lucifer, and prefer evil over good, even though they may not even realize it. There are many religions practiced here and all over the world, and although I’m a Christian, I’m not writing to promote or degrade any other religion. What I want to point out is that (in my unprofessional opinion) all religions are in general agreement, as to the basic truths of the Ten Commandments.

In particular, I can’t find any religion that advocates the killing of innocent people, including children either born, or unborn. In fact, I can’t find any basic religion that promotes anything that is considered evil. The one thing they all have in common is that they believe in a supreme being. A god, or gods. As I have written before, something cannot come from nothing, and at some point, an all-powerful force, God, created our world.

That seems to me, a no-brainer. The other common denominator is that all believe in a hereafter, and a path to get there.

This brings us back to Armageddon and the last days. As I stated before, the very mention of the end times, in general, brings many different reactions from the people. The simple truth is that all of us living today are in our last days, at least here on earth, because we are all destined to die. Now I think many people have been deceived, or deceived themselves into believing there is no God, or if there is, that God is not judgmental and is really some sort of Santa Claus and there’s still no hereafter, or even if there is, they are sill okay because their God would take care of them, no matter what.

For those who believe this way, it’s the law of the jungle. Take what you want, live for yourself, make your own rules, live like today is your last day because it well might be.

More and more, this seems to be the direction we are heading. I, for one, am glad I believe in God. I believe in a heaven and a hell. I also believe redemption is there for anyone and everyone. I also believe there are a host of evil beings, led by Lucifer, constantly working to separate us from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In conclusion, I am, and have been a wretched sinner and I’m not attempting to preach or be judgmental. As this column states, I’m a reader giving my opinion.

John Kauffman