Answer to all our woes? Clean out the Beltway

To the editor:

So, here we are once again, on the threshold of dire consequences in our fiscal responsibility failures, by our esteemed representatives

in Washington. By their very bungling and stupid decisions, we are in trouble financially as a nation.

In the past they have relied upon the threats of causing disaster for the elders in our society. It has always worked. But even they realize that everything gets old after a while. Even old senile dummies, like myself, know that this much chaos is simply not gonna happen.

So, this time we’re gonna use the kids! We’re gonna threaten the Head Start, the kindergarteners, the older students, and then just for good measure, we’ll threaten the disabled students, too. They have now reached a brand new low.

When they threaten the youth of our country, they have gone beyond. These scum-sucking, bottom feeders in the river of humanity, do not deserve to live among us. They have now descended to the very bottom of the “humanity meter.”

In my opinion, the very best thing that could happen: Everybody inside the Beltway simply disappear from the face of the earth. You say, wouldn’t that harm some innocents? Answer yes, but using their own system of figuring here, the good done for the good of the country far exceeds the small amount of damage done collaterally.

Could you even imagine the improvement in the Pentagon’s actions? Or even on the local levels of government?

One thing is for certain. The day after happening would be a much much brighter day for us all here in America. Oh, Happy Day!

Dick Rhoades