Urges citizens to create change at the local level

To the editor:

If your furnace went kaput would you sit and freeze until it was fixed? If the part to fix it was on backorder would you sit in the cold and wait? Would you consider your home forever doomed due to the malfunction? No, you would devote your efforts to heating what was possible until the “central” heat could be restored. You might heat one room with a space heater until you had confidence in the “federal” heating unit.

I believe this is where we are as a nation. The federal and state levels of governing are kaput. Not forever but enough to make us retreat temporary. We as citizens of a town and county can have an impact at this level. Aim to fix what you can where you live.

Go to the local supervisors or council meetings (town revitalization? Who is benefiting?). Find out why our taxes are going up at the county level. Hold our local school board accountable for the things they vote for (federal grant with strings attached). Nothing is free!

Individuals working at the local level have the best chance of returning this country to its first principles. It will take time and effort. Ask questions. Expect answers.

Bad things happen when good folks do nothing.

Samantha Meckas