Urges Americans to rise up in support of Israel

To the editor:

At present, four F-16 fighters have been sent to Egypt with the promise of 20 more and 200 tanks and weapons. This is one of President Obama’s latest ploys.

Egypt is using these weapons to fight Israel, our ally. So why is Obama funding the Muslim Brotherhood’s evil plot against Israel?

This same Brotherhood hates Christians and depicts their murder and torture of Christians in many areas. What’s worse is that our nation, the United States, is a majority Christian nation, yet our hard earned tax dollars are now giving this $1.5 billion funding to

an enemy. It’s time for true

Americans to take a stand and

say enough.

I encourage all of you who care about this nation to write your senators to have this stopped. Stand up boldly for what is right in God’s eyes, for the foundation this nation was built upon – Christian Judeo ethics – the word of God.

Speak up while you still have a nation to speak up for.

Carol Bishop