Time for workforce to get the respect it deserves

To the editor:

I find that the majority of the workforce in Mifflin County can have just about anything thrown in their faces, and yet do little or nothing about it. Taxes are on the increase, fuel prices keep gouging us constantly and jobs are lost at alarming rates. Some people like to blame the President, others like to blame one or the other political parties and some just like to call the Opinion Line. I think that the real problem is corporate greed.

We all have witnessed it so many times over the past years. Masland, Mann Edge Tool, New Holland and many other companies have closed, moved, downsized or gotten rid of employees, all for the good of the business.

Kardex and Ames True Temper are a couple more employers that are running out of the area after their tax deals and loan rates expire. Another (local business) recently terminated three of its top management team, citing performance evaluations. Those three alone had worked their way up through the system with a total of 73 years seniority, (the business) can now employ part-time workers with less hours and cheaper wages.

Many people complain about unions, and yes, even union workers gripe about them, too. The union didn’t save my job at Mann Edge when the owners had padded their coffers and sold it to a Mexican ownership. Isn’t it time that “we the people” are treated more fairly, and respected as a person and not just as being a number?

Randy Cutshall