Says Thornburg destroys basis for NCAA sanctions

To the editor:

Your tepid editorial of Feb. 13 about the Thornburg response to the Freeh Report faults it for being “partisan.” When has a lawyer’s argument not been partisan? The point of a lawyer’s argument is to be partisan. Thornburg does not claim to be a judge; he is a lawyer, whose duty is to present his client’s case.

You also say that Thornburg’s report “makes a few good points.” It goes further than that; anybody reading it at should be convinced that it demolishes the central claim of the Freeh Report – that Joe Paterno purposely conspired with others to withhold evidence regarding Sandusky. That claim was presumably the essential rationale for the NCAA sanctions.

Some people will say that this is a closed matter and that it is time to “move on.” People who believe in the good faith of the Penn State football program do not believe that; they will make sure that this matter is not closed until the NCAA sanctions are lifted.

John Brittain