Says that laws won’t end with background checks

To the editor:

I hear that the president is claiming that most gun owners are in favor of universal background checks and registration at the time of all gun sales. This may sound reasonable on the surface and might be if it would stop there. For one thing, It would only affect people like me who do not want a gun for an illegal purpose. Do you really think that criminals and gangbangers are going to cooperate or will they find a way around this legislation?

If they get this passed, the next thing they will go for is universal registration of every firearm that you have, even guns you have from 50 years ago. I personally think it is an invasion of my privacy. If you don’t cooperate with that you will become a lawbreaker and have an illegal gun even though you have had them for many years or even had them passed down from parents or grandparents and you have never committed a crime of any kind.

If you do cooperate and register every gun you have then they know right where to go and get each and every legal gun. Again, this will not affect the criminal element. After this is done they will start a federal registration fee each year. It will start small, but it will quickly become expensive and burdensome until the average person can no longer afford to keep all his guns. You will be forced to legally sell them to someone who can afford them or turn them into the government. If you don’t pay the fee your gun will be illegal and they will use that as an excuse to confiscate at least that one or perhaps every gun that you have. Remember, they already know what you have.

You say the government would never do anything like that. Look at world history and see how many times it has happened in the past. When any government takes all the guns they have complete control of the population, and you know that there are many on the left in this country who want a massive central government so they can control the people better. They say it is for the greater good. They say it is because they know more than we do about what is best for us because they are so much smarter than we are. They can take away all risk from our lives and make us safer. One of our founding fathers once said, “Anyone who is willing to trade freedom for safety deserves neither freedom nor safety.”

Again you say this could not happen here, we have the Second Amendment right to bear arms. Can’t you see how they keep trying to chip away at the Second Amendment and try to say it doesn’t really mean what it says? If you think it can’t happen here look up the facts about what happened at Ruby Ridge and see how a man who did nothing wrong was set up by the FBI and ended up having his wife and son killed. was wounded himself, and later when he went to trial was found not guilty of anything. Even though he was cleared of all charges, it did not bring his family back.

Those of you out there who feel as I do and understand how precious our freedoms are, call, write or email your lawmakers now and make your voices heard. Freedom is not free. There is a price to be paid and it must be paid continuously.

Stephen E. Sellers