Reminds writer of our nation’s fight for liberty

To the editor:

In response to George Fisher’s letter of Thursday, Feb. 7:

Mr. Fisher, you just do not get it.

Telling individuals that they can no longer use a particular firearm to protect themselves, their family and their community is “personal.”

Our forefathers bled and died to protect their right to resist tyranny. What are we to do Mr. Fisher, roll over and allow the nanny state to erode our rights as stated in the Constitution?

Our war with England was a war for liberty. Do you want us to give up liberty for your so called safety? Have you learned nothing from history? Why did England resist the Nazis? They could have surrendered.

England has changed drastically compared to then, far less freedom and far less liberty. I would not want to live there. It is not the England I once lived in.

So Mr. Fisher, when you join the bandwagon to restrict our freedoms, think good and hard about the consequences. Government is like a lion roaming the countryside, seeking whom it my devour.

Clyde Bailey