Former U.K. man responds in current firearms debate

To the editor:

In my first letter concerning gun control, I was extremely diplomatic, and under the First Amendment I was allowed to say what I wanted. My letter did not mention anyone personally and was not intended to cause people to become angry. It was intended to make people think.

Since the letter was published I have had comments such as go back to England. I have even been called a communist by Bob Martin of Beaver Springs. I have never been or will ever be a communist or socialist as was implied. On that point if my letter, Mr. Martin, was as “pointless and pathetic” as you stated in your letter, why did you even comment on it?

My first letter was a logical reasoning as to why the British populace, as a whole, do not believe that any civilian from any country actually needs to own a gun. It was not a personal attack on anybody such as I am receiving. I just feel that with all the school shootings and theater shooters that have been happening recently, I just believe as does 68 percent of the American populace (according to a Gallup poll) something actually needs to done.

Even Charles E. Deibert, who had a letter published Thursday , Jan. 31, concerning my British perspective, was not attacking me personally. All he did was give a reasonable response.

According to Bob Martin, as I don’t like guns or the Second Amendment, which I may add I never actually said, I should go back to Britain. Okay let’s look at that. If everybody who disagreed with certain amendments of the constitution went back where they originated then everyone would be back in the old world as that is where we all originally came from. The only true American is the native American Indian, who believe it or not used a bow and arrow for protection, defense and hunting.

As for the Harrisburg sports show, someone with sensitivity and sensibility decided that with everything going on at the moment concerning the Second Amendment decided that it was the wrong time to actually have a gun show. I can see why people are angry at this but use common sense. Can we actually stand by and do nothing considering all the shootings that are happening? I say no as does 68 percent of the country.

George Fisher