Discussion with friend on other side of aisle

To the editor:

I saw my Democrat friend the other day. He looked glum. “What’s the matter?” I asked.

“It’s my son-in-law,” he said. “He works for a company down in Maryland and he’s lost his job.”

“How did that happen?”

He didn’t say anything for a minute, then he said, “Well, the company said it had to cut back to less than 50 people.”


He hesitated again, and then he said, “Well, because of some new government regulations that require companies with 50 people or more to do something for their employees and the company doesn’t want to have to do that, so they let him and some other people go to get under 50.”

“You’re talking about Obamacare, aren’t you?”

He gave me a sullen look and muttered, “Yeah.”

“Well, Nancy Pelosi said that they would have to pass the act to see what’s in it, and now we’re finding out what’s in it, aren’t we?”

“Look,” he said. “There’s a lot of good things in that bill. Think of the people with pre-existing conditions. Think of the uninsured. Think of the college kids that get to stay on their parents’ insurance.”

“Okay, so all those people will be covered. When they all get sick, who will pay their medical bills?”

“It won’t cost us a cent. The insurance companies and the government will pay all those bills.”

I looked at him. “Where do you suppose the insurance companies and the government will get all that money to pay those bills? Out of thin air?”

He looked at me again. He was wondering what he should say next. He thought for a minute or so, then he turned to me and said, “Well, anyway, Obama’s really good on gay marriage.”

“You’re very good at changing the subject,” I laughed.

He didn’t say anything.

John Brittain