Workers should not pay for mistakes of others

To the editor:

I read with interest Elizabeth Regan’s article based on a meeting with Gov. Tom Corbett, discussing public employee pensions. I seem to recall somewhere the idea that journalists are supposed to attempt to cover all sides of an issue. What happened to the other side in this story?

Changing the future retirement benefits of current workers is not only unconstitutional but just as importantly won’t solve the problem of the Commonwealth’s pension debt. Even if teachers, nurses, police and other public employees stopped earning credit for additional pension benefits tomorrow, the debt for benefits already earned would still be there and would have to be paid.

Workers like me have contributed year in and year out for our pensions, even when the Commonwealth and school districts did not. Politicians should stop trying to make public employees pay for mistakes some lawmakers made. Instead, they should keep the promise to provide the full pensions earned by teachers, nurses, police and other public employees.

Sue Lemmo


Vice President

Central Region PSEA


Curwensville Education Assoc.