Urges Obama to save the lives of unborn children

To the editor:

Dear Mr. President: Last week, while you were working on disassembling my Second Amendment rights, I heard you say “if it will save just one life, we have to try something.” Being the father of 5 children, 13 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren I have to agree, we all need to do whatever we can to give everyone an opportunity to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. As a father of a child that died at a very young age, I understand the hurt that the parents, of the kids from Sandy Hook, are going through. I understand their loss, I understand their grief, and I understand the emptiness they are feeling. No parent should ever have to go through something like this. This was truly a national tragedy.

What struck me the most about the “save just one life” statement was that every year our government sanctions the killing of over 1.3 million unborn babies. Just like the dear little ones at Sandy Hook, these kids never had the chance to reach their full potential. These kids never had the chance to become doctors, teachers or future business owners. They never had the chance to design a car that could get 100 mpg or invent a better mousetrap. We have lost a generation of productive workers, athletes, artists and parents for the next generation.

It is estimated that since 1972 we have killed over 50 million kids through abortion. That would be the same as killing every single person in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Can you imagine the outcry if something like that would happen? Can you imagine the economical impact that would have on our country? The United States would be devastated.

But for some reason we have allowed this to happen, one small child at a time. Actually that statement is not correct. Using the numbers from the National Abortion Federation it would be two kids ever minute. Every 60 seconds two kids are killed so that someone is not inconvenienced, which is the number one reason a child is aborted. These kids deserve a chance to live; they deserve for us to “just try something.”

I have decided that I will commit myself to praying daily for you and your family, the Congress and the Supreme Court. I will pray that you never feel the pain of losing a child. I will pray that we as a country will turn our hearts to God and the act of sacrificing our unborn kids on the altar of our selfishness will end. I will pray that once again America will become a God fearing country and I will pray that once again God will bless this country.

As you are looking for ways to save just one life, I would ask that you find a way to save these kids.

Robert Knable