Says New York measure will not help problem

To the editor:

I can’t even get one letter in the mail and I see more stupidity and hypocrisy on TV. Recently I saw on the news that the state of New York passed sweeping legislation banning many guns and clips that hold more than seven rounds. They were patting themselves on the back as though they really did something great.

The next morning there it was on the news just how stupid they were, two semi-automatic rifles made by Benelli, exactly the same in the round used, same rate of fire, the same in every way but one. One had a pistol grip stock and was banned, the other with a sporter stock and was legal.

When are you people in this country going to wise up? That New York governor and the legislators who voted for this gun ban don’t really care about anyone’s safety and they darn sure don’t care if they trample on anyone’s rights. It’s all about votes and staying in power.

First, they try to scare you with a lot of emotional rhetoric. Then they do something to try and soothe your fears that does not accomplish anything except trample the Second Amendment. People who cannot think and reason fall for the trash they spew, think that they are wonderful, keep putting them in office and they continue to collect their pay. The only legislators being honest to their continuances were the ones who voted against the legislation.

It is no different on the federal level. It is all done the same way for the same reasons. This same situation applies to all the bunk about global warming and climate change. If the American people don’t soon wise up, they will find themselves living in a country where no one except the elites running the government will have any freedom or wealth. The rest of you will not like what this nation turns into even though you foolishly keep voting and asking for it now.

Stephen E. Sellers