Reader looks for better understanding of book

To the editor:

Recently I read a book by Dr. David Jeremiah. It was quite interesting. As I read it, I remembered the letter a man name John Kauffman from Reedsville had written some time ago that was printed in The Sentinel along similar lines. I think people should pay attention to what is going on in the world. The title of the book is “What in the World is Going On?”

The author laid things out in a way that made me think. His story is well documented in the Scriptures as well as in history books. I realize that there are lots of people who laugh when religion is mentioned. Yet religion was the act on 9/11 that rocked the world. It was not just a small group of “crazies” that made 9/11 so effective. It was a large scale happening from people who do no like us regardless of what we think.

The real scary thing about his books is that the things he writes about are actually happening now. The projections he is making are very similar to those in the letter written by Mr. Kauffman. The facts in the world scene now can be seen documented by real world happenings every day right now. These are not some ideas taken out of the air and waved around as something that might happen in the unforeseen future. Much of the book pertains to things that are happening now that have effects on our lives right now.

Some of them have not yet been felt but one has to be blind to not see that the news read every day is telling us that those projections are not guesses as to what will happen a hundred years from now. The actual facts are that some of those things are happening right now in real time.

When I first started reading the book it was so I could use it to teach a Sunday school class for adults. The more I read it the less confident I became as to how and whether and why I could do justice to his book in the short span of 30 minutes each Sunday. Some parts of the book would take 30 minutes to just digest one paragraph.

I am not going to make the effort to document quotes from the Bible like Mr. Kauffman was able to do. The long view of the happenings in the book needs someone with more historical education than I possess. Perhaps no one could conquer the mode of the book in a given time period. Perhaps we need to get all of our political leaders to read and study this book. Perhaps we need to come together as a country instead of the present “whatever” versus. “Whoever.”

Perhaps we as a country should realize that we have a potential crisis such as what happened in December of 1941. Perhaps we should be questioning our so-called leaders and asking, “what are your plans?” Maybe we should be telling our leaders to study history so they might then understand the present.

Some will say that it all started “you fill in the period of time- World War I, World War II, Crusades, birth of Jesus, discovery of America, Roman Empire, etc.” Others would say, “forget religion, especially Christianity,” or “Judaism,” or “Muslin,” or “or.”

Some would say it all started in the battle between creation versus evolution. Something had to be created to evolve and the created have to evolve to make use of whatever is available for life. Did God create dinosaurs and make the lush vegetation that once covered our earth to make our oil?

John E. Brockett