Murders occurred in spite of gun restrictions

To the editor:

I response to Mr. Baker’s letter to the editor Dec. 29, I do agree with his point that the NRA has lost its way. Wayne LaPierre’s comments a week after this massacre were insensitive and ludicrous.

I would like to try to give an answer to Mr. Baker’s question. Can we not restrict these weapons? Good question. First of all the state of Connecticut has very restrictive gun laws, yet Adam Lansa got access to these weapons and committed mass murder.

Another case that comes to my mind is back in October 2002 in the D.C. area when Lee Boyd Malvo and John Allen Muhammad killed 10 people with the same type of weapon. These types of weapons are restricted in Maryland and D.C. and yet it did not stop these two men. Maybe a better question would be how can we restrict access to these weapons by those intent on committing mass murder.

In answer to your question Mr. Baker it appears we cannot. My opinion if any laws are passed restricting these types of weapons they will have to be 50-state compliant. Everybody has to be on the same page .

Jeffrey Baumgardner