Local woman mourns loss of her dear friend

To the editor:

I would like to take this opportunity so say how saddened I am by the death of one of the sweetest people I know.

I learned (recently) that Parveen Mahajan was struck and killed by a car on South Main Street while walking to work.

My heart goes out to her family and you will all be in my prayers. We talked all the time and she aways told me my family was in her prayers as we go through another bout with cancer.

A complete stranger prayed for me and even though it was only one person she made me feel like I was worth more as a human then most people I know. We got to be very social with each other and I grew to love her.

Please stop by the Lewis Mart when they open back up, and tell her family we will miss her as a community. They need to know that we care for thier loss. And by chance a family member reads this I want you to know that I cared and will miss my friend.

Thank You and may God bless you and comfort you.

Linda Marker