Letter writer continues gun control exchange

To the editor:

In response to a recent letter by Mr. Rhoades my letter published in The Sentinel Jan. 10 did not have anything to do with your letter published earlier. My letter was already written and in the mail before your letter was published. I also said at the beginning of my letter that it was a case of “if the shoe fits, wear it.” If the shoe does not fit you don’t need to try it on.

My remarks about the hypocrites who get all bent out of shape about what happened at Sandy Hook was directed at those liberal progressives out there, most of who (not all but most) love big government, hate the Second Amendment because it is a threat to their complete and utter control of the people and spout the virtues of abortion as a woman’s right to choose. I would have thought that it was simple for anyone to understand the reference.

As for some of your other statements, Mr. Rhoades, you are correct. I do not know you so perhaps I could be mistaken, but I doubt I will learn much from you as for the differences in types of bullets since I have been reloading my own ammunition for more than 40 years. Also your reference to a child being hit by 11 rounds, though a terrible sight, is designed to invoke an emotional response. Clear thinking, not emotional thinking is what is needed to solve problems.

In your response to Mr. Deibert you used the term “automatic rifle” which would be a machine gun where you depress the trigger once and rounds continue to be fired until you release the trigger. These weapons are already banned unless you are a collector and then they have to be disabled so that they cannot be fired.

We were discussing semi-automatic rifles where the trigger must be depressed each time you want to fire the rifle. Even though machine guns and pistols are already banned, criminals already find ways to get them. A ban on any gun will not work. The only people affected by a ban would be law abiding citizens. Lawbreakers don’t care if they are banned.

And by the way, rifles on the AR platform are legal to hunt with in many states, even in Pennsylvania. Semi-automatic rifles are legal to hunt with for certain people with certain handicaps.

Mr. Rhoades referred to an AR rifle as an assault rifle. That is a misnomer made up by people who want to invoke an emotional response and scare others. Any gun is an assault gun or even a screwdriver is an assault weapon if it is used to assault someone. These AR rifles are referred to in the sporting world as modern rifles.

As I mentioned in my first letter a real problem in society are these violent movies and video games. I just heard on the radio today that there is a new video game out there where the player gets to shoot and murder the president of the NRA. If you want to know the real danger in this country it is the people who invent games like that to brainwash young minds, no law abiding gun owners and I don’t care what kind of gun they own.

Stephen E. Sellers