Hopes God is kind, loving one that he grew up with

To the editor:

I attempted to read a letter to the editor in The Sentinel several times before I actually could get through it completely. Never in my life has an actual letter sickened me to the point where I thought I may throw up. The only time that comes close was when I found out my then wife was committing adultery. I bring this up not to draw any religious comparisons, instead to show how offensive and odious some things in this world actually are.

I grew up in a Southern Baptist Bible-thumping church and I too was taught that God loves everyone. I must say this is a good thing because at some point all believers of God will stand before him and answer for each of their sins. This would also include those who use the Bible and the contents within to spew forth vitreous hatred of others who do not agree with his or her own beliefs. At times, I wish I could be there when each person kneels before his or her kind and loving God. Although it would not be righteous in the eyes of God, this is something I would surely enjoy.

Sociologists or intelligentsia types have long held that as man comes closer to the end of his life, he is more apt to embrace organized religion and accept God as his Lord and Savior. This stands to reason, what is the hurt in doing it now? I may or may not have to face the wrath of God since my life is coming to an end. Along this line of thought I could see Mr. Turns’ homosexual friend turning away from a “life of sin” and turning away from a life of homosexuality while accepting God when he is facing his own mortality. It’s almost as if, “hey I accept my so called sins as being bad and now that I am asking for forgiveness, I get a free pass to the land of honey with streets paved with gold.”

Mr. Turns, did you ever ask your friend if he chose to be gay? I have had the opportunity to work with many people from many different walks of life and this would include those who are lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgendered and so on. I can tell you that of all the people I have worked with that identifies as such, not one of them has said, “You know what, I want to be gay. This way society can look down on me and Mr. Turns can say I am a ‘disgusting abomination in the eyes of God.'” Let us not forget this is a kind and loving as well as a forgiving God.

I also get a chuckle out of those who say something such as “I know someone who is gay,” or “My best friend was gay.” It is as if being aware of one person who is gay is good enough to speak for everyone; something the social psychologist intelligentsia types call the “person who” phenomena. It makes me think of someone who is a Bible thumper hiding behind his bully pulpit speaks for all members of the Christian religion.

More importantly, however, is you know one person who is or was gay. I would be willing to put forth you know more than one. A wise person recently said to me how sad it is that someone goes through life without ever being able to be the person they truly are. Are you aware of the number of people in this world and yes, in your community, who are secretly leading a life you call a “disgusting abomination in the eyes of God”? Many of these individuals are married with children and even are sometimes church leaders. I have difficulty reconciling this person has chosen to be this way. At times, suicide has been a better option as opposed to being able to be the person who God made. These disgusting abominations are your family, neighbors, teachers, etc.

Another commonly held thought among the educated elitists is that those who speak the loudest against homosexuality are indeed themselves harboring some secret that he or she cannot or will not accept. But then, this may just be a generalization that is used to easily categorize those that others do not understand. Much the way one would categorize the Westboro Baptist Church as too sickening and too far out there to be easily understood. Most people categorize that which they cannot understand and fear.

I cannot say that I am an overly religious person and may indeed fall within your categorization of one of the elitist and intelligentsia types but will nevertheless offer a prayer for you and continue to hope my God is the kind and loving one I grew up with.

Jeff Birch