Comparing statistics on various causes of death

To the editor:

Here are some statistics for deaths in the United States: 2.5 million people die per year from use of alcohol. Abortion is 1.2 million. Tobacco is 443,000. Drugs 37,485. Guns 8,583. Makes you wonder why our government is only attacking guns. More laws won’t make any difference. Murder has been unlawful since Adam and Eve had children. At this time I would not buy an assault rifle, but if our lawmakers ban them, they are not following our Constitution. If they do ban them they must have an agenda that we do not know about, which is to go after the remainder of our guns. This amendment was put in the Constitution to protect us from an abusive government. Our lawmakers are out of control and we the people suffer from it.

Why would they even think about raising the debt ceiling? It doesn’t take a genius to know it will only put us in more trouble. I can think of a lot of ways to save money. Here are two of them. Number 1, get rid of half of our lawmakers. We could save the $174,000 a year salary plus $195 a day for expenses, and 54 cents a mile car allowances per official per year. It would save millions. Number 2, get rid of the prevailing wage act. This would save trillions on government projects which would help our school districts, rebuilding our roads and many more. I believe we should have two four-year terms, or less, then elect new Senate and House members.

There are a few laws written a long time ago that if the people of America would heed, we could solve a lot of our problems. They are written in the Bible. Don’t believe me? Read it every day, seriously for one year then tell me I am wrong. The bottom line is, we have laws for almost everything and people will kill, lie and cheat. They see it every day on television, movies, radio, etc.. What else can you expect?

Why would the President go on television surrounded with children and say it is time to protect them, and allow the slaughter of 1.2 million babies each year? Or allow 2.5 million to die from alcohol abuse, 443,000 from tobacco, 37,485 from drugs? It doesn’t make any sense. Common sense to these people are two pennies with the same date.

Carl Sipe