Backs ban on semiauto, auto rifles bigger than .22

To the editor:

I’ve just finished reading the letter that was written by Larry Baker, concerning the dreaded gun control issue. I cannot say there is a single word that I disagree with. His is the first opinion that deals with the issue on a fair and sensible basis. While it is true that people kill people with or without guns, not all killers are gangsters or killer types, or so everybody says.

After a person kills totally defenseless 5 and 6-year-olds, along with their teachers, in the classrooms of our schools, it wasn’t done by a level-headed person. No, it was done by just one more “brilliant idiot” that is in our midst

Without fail, everybody saw the signs, they always do – after the deed is done. There is no possible way you can prevent these people from getting an automatic, semi-automatic, or fully automatic weapon. Oh wait a moment, maybe there is, yes there certainly is. Ban the semi and automatic rifles, period. Only permitted ones are the trusty old reliable .22, you know, the one that we’ve all fired at one time or another, the very small rim fire cartridge.

Please don’t spout the Second Amendment to me. You need to quit while you’re ahead here! Only a total idiot, such as the NRA members who are totally upset for the forseeable loss of revenue, would argue that our founding fathers were looking to protect your rights to own and use an automatic rifle. Don’t push your personal wants on me, that you hunt regularly with an automatic rifle. Everybody knows better than that, everybody.

When a discussion is held, there are a couple points to be made about that discussion. The most important being: There must be honest and straightforward points to be talked about. When personal reasons are involved in the talks, it becomes a personal issue and nothing more.

In the history of our country, we have been a law abiding people. There are a few exceptions of course, there always are. They are mostly all in prison. In our history of governing, we have always ruled on the side of the “common good” – that is, what is the very best for all. Anyone of us, if we are to be honest and straightforward here, there is only one solution. That is the outright ban of these rifles.

Our government spends so much money each year, for totally ridiculous projects. I propose it initiates a buy-back system here, for these rifles. Make it a mandatory ban, and make it soon. You would be paid a fair market value for your banned-type rifle. Every rifle larger than the .22 we are all familiar with, would be outlawed.

Everybody and anybody knows that this is the only solution here. It simply has nothing to do with the Second Amendment – none. It’s time to do this. We can no longer have the few “brilliant idiots” in our midst, killing our innocents, whether they are adults, or school children. Time to put your big boy pants on here. Do what provides the most, for the greater good.

If you need an automatic rifle to protect your home, when a shotgun or pistol will not suffice, may I suggest some instruction in the use of your firearm. What could be more efficient for home protection than the trusty old 12-gauge with a load of shot? What is more lenient to the user? Nothing, I would say.

The sensible among us must be the protectors of us all. The sensible among us that own firearms can do that. And that does not require semi or auto rifles.

Dick Rhoades