Let’s build each other up, instead of tearing each other down

Our world in 2019 is dominated by cellphones, social media, and a pace of life that seems more complicated and faster than ever.

Technological advances allow us to communicate more than ever before.

But sometimes it looks like we communicate less than ever before.

Our social media capabilities often devolve into a cesspool of criticisms and putdowns. Our cellphones have replaced dinner conversation.

Do we know each other better or do we just think that?

Do we disagree with each other, making our world more divisive than ever, or do we just not know what each of us thinks?

The nuance and humanity of face-to-face communication have a way of melting the barriers in ways our technological toys cannot.

First off, it’s OK to disagree with each other on any number of issues. It’s not OK to use that disagreement to fuel dislike or even hate for people, some of whom we know, some of whom we have not and never will meet.

The danger we face today is allowing technology to determine too many things that we should be determining on our own.

In most cases, we Americans — regardless of political stripe, economic class, cultural influence, ethnic background or race — agree more than we disagree. We just don’t know it or lose sight of it, blinded by the convenience of judgment without human interaction.

Our world can do just fine in 2019 — if we let it.

We need to talk to each other. We need to disagree without being disagreeable. We need to remember that family and friends are more important than winning the next discussion.

And we need to support each other — build each other up, in person and online.

We need to remember we are all in this together — and lucky that is the way it is.