Do your part to make 2019 positive

On the subject of New Year’s resolutions, central Pennsylvania is like anywhere else in America. Many people will make resolutions — some of them frivolous, but some very meaningful.

Some of those resolutions will fall by the wayside quickly, others will remain intact for several months before being abandoned, while only a few, by comparison, still will be untarnished when the ball drops at midnight next Dec. 31.

But like anywhere else, people here can dream — dream about a year unmarked by sadness, tragedy and anxiety about the future. People here can take steps to make 2019 better than 2018, by trying to be a leader on things that are right, not only for themselves but for others in their family, relationships and community.

Never underestimate how far acts of kindness can go toward making one’s life better, as well as a stronger barometer for hope.

In Mifflin and Juniata counties there’s much about which to be optimistic for the year ahead — and beyond.

The county’s economy is strong, and there are good people throughout the region working to make it better, including many young adults who already have started to make their mark — who already have begun making what eventually will be a deep positive imprint, ensuring that the county will continue moving in the right direction.

Meanwhile, the Juniata Valley’s future is deeply rooted in this county’s strong educational system that continues to prepare young people for the challenges ahead in this changing world.

Come spring, a new crop of future leaders will emerge with high energy and lofty goals.

Routine recommendations for the new year have a place, such as: Drive safely, work to better your community rather than undermine it, base your daily life on kindness to others rather than mean-spiritedness, be a source of positive guidance rather than the opposite, work hard, avoid dangerous temptations such as drugs.

Meanwhile, living and emphasizing courtesy, conscience and responsibility will go far in ensuring a positive year to remember decades from now.

To respect and help others while otherwise trying to live a good, productive life might be the best resolution anyone can make this New Year’s.