Barr would restore much-needed integrity to Justice Department

The Department of Justice, under fire often in the past two years, clearly needs a new leader who can command respect from all sides.

It needs a leader who can act with the full power of the office behind him but do it in such a way that restores integrity to the department.

President Trump’s nominee to fill the post, William Barr, is ideally suited to fill the Justice Department’s need to the full benefit of the American people.

Republican Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey, who is at times at odds with President Trump’s decisions, praised the choice of Barr.

He termed Barr a widely respected and experienced attorney with deep knowledge of the department.

Barr’s government portfolio includes previous experience as Attorney General under President George H.W. Bush from 1991 to 1993.

Barr’s nomination at that time was approved by a voice vote of the Senate, a far cry from the divisive histrionics that have accompanied many of the Senate confirmation hearings during the Trump presidency.

Unless something unforeseen emerges, there is no reason for petty resistance in Barr’s case.

He comes without any hint of bias, such as a column questioning the Special Counsel Mueller probe by acting Attorney General Whittaker.

There is nothing in his track record to suggest he is anything but an honest, unbiased, independent arbiter of the law, which is precisely what the Department of Justice desperately needs at this time.

Barr would be a big step up from former Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the sadly political Attorney Generals of President Obama’s eight years.

Barr’s confirmation process will be a litmus test to show whether the Senate in 2019 wants to return to civil discussion and sound, bipartisan decisions that it is elected to furnish or whether it wants to continue with the partisan shenanigans that embarrassed the country in 2018.