Voting is best way to help those who share your values put them into action

Finally, after seemingly an endless barrage of political ads and our mailboxes being full of flyers day after day, we’ve made it to election day.

Today, we elect those who will serve in the state House and Senate, the U.S. House and Senate and who will be our state’s chief executive as Pennsylvania’s governor.

At least, those of us who bother to vote will.

After listening for months on end to each and every candidate’s repeated pushes and pleas, now is finally the chance for our voices to be heard.

So, we ask everyone who is registered and able to head out to their local polling place and cast their ballots.

Democracy is something from which you only get out what you put in. A high voter turnout would be a wonderful sight to behold and proof that one of the most cherished rights of America’s founders is still important today.

Go out. Vote. Make your opinion matter.

It’s the only way to help give those who share your values the best chance possible of putting those ideas into action.