Help us look back fondly on what has made our region great

The Open Line has long been a source of contention in our newspaper, even when we make changes to try to improve it.

When we made the most recent change to allowing only positive comments and those legitimately seeking information, we had many people happy that their opinion page wouldn’t be home for the overwhelmingly negative comments any longer. We also had many people who thought that Open Line had been a forum for healthy debate and they were sad to see it change. Some were also sad because they found entertainment in the constant tennis match between people on either side of an issue.

To be clear, the negativity isn’t returning. We feel as though anyone who wants to criticize someone or something else needs to do so in a signed letter to the editor.

But we believe we can do something better with Open Line.

Starting this week in the same place you normally find Open Line, we will ask for your memories of certain things in our area. We will collect them through Thursday night and then publish them each week in our Saturday paper.

It won’t be a repository for complaints — again, those need to be in a signed letter.

But it will serve the intended purpose of accentuating the good things in our area, because if you read the Open Line before the changes, it would be easy to think there is very little to like about our region, which we know is far from the truth.

And each day during the week, we still will run your positive comments as we have been for the past few weeks.

To share your thoughts, feel free to call us at (717) 248-7041, select mailbox 160 and follow the prompts. When leaving your message, speak slowly and clearly (it also helps to spell out any names). There’s no guarantee we’ll publish everyone’s comments, but we’re hoping that’s because there’s too many and not because people choose not to follow the rules.