Elections destined to be an important part of this year

An important part of 2018 will be elections.

That’s inevitable, given the offices that are at stake.

Every Congressional seat is up for grabs. State Assembly seats are up for grabs. The governor’s seat is being decided this year.

That means this is a year of referendums for voters in our region.

Are they satisfied that they are being effectively represented in the state Legislature with the people they have chosen to represent them?

Do the decisions of their Congressional representatives reflect the desires of the majority of this region’s residents?

Are they happy with the direction in which the sitting governor has taken the state of Pennsylvania in the past four years?

If the answers are “no” to any of those questions, are the challengers to the incumbents capable of improving representation of this area with effective leadership, decisions and direction?

Those are the kinds of determinations voters of our region have to make in the coming year.

Our hope would be that they make those decisions armed with some educated observation and study.

There will be a lot of hype in the coming year from boosters and contrarians of particular candidates.

This will be a year of talking points from those for or against people seeking to represent our region at the state and national level.

With that in mind, it has never been more important for the region’s residents to objectively assess what they are getting and what they expect to get in the future from their elected public officials.