Tomorrow is never guaranteed

It seems like each generation has had that one moment which “you remember exactly what you were doing when …”.

For those somewhat younger, that moment was 9/11. For those of a slightly older generation, that moment was President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

But for a dwindling number of our older members of society, that day happened 76 years ago today in 1941 — when the Japanese launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

That momentous date, which lives “in infamy” as President Franklin D. Roosevelt so famously said, was when the U.S. was drawn into World War II.

More than 3,400 people were killed or wounded during the attack and dozens of ships and hundreds of aircraft were destroyed. It is one of the deadliest attacks ever carried out within an American territory.

The people who woke up in that area of Hawaii that morning — just like the mornings of 9/11 or the day President Kennedy was killed — had no idea they were about to experience first-hand one of the most significant and horrible events ever in this country’s history and that many of them wouldn’t make it to the day’s end.

We hope we never again experience the devastation of Dec. 7, 1941. But we urge you to never take tomorrow for granted because you never know when a date will “live in infamy” until it’s too late.