When it snows, no news is good news

If you look at today’s front page, you’ll see a story in which the main emergency officials from Mifflin and Juniata counties say there were no major incidents related to Winter Storm Stella as it hammered our area over the past couple days.

It may seem strange that a newspaper is pleased there wasn’t more news to report, but in this case, we’re glad it was uneventful given the alternative.

And while we could rightly give a lot of the credit for that to the people who drive the snowplows and those who respond to emergencies who did a phenomenal job over the past 48 hours, we also think there’s another group of people who deserve recognition for their role in the storm being fairly quiet — the general public.

With practically every school district within a 200-mile radius of Lewistown closed Tuesday and many businesses following suit, most people heeded the advice of the governor and other state officials and stayed home while the nor’easter passed.

That hasn’t always been the case, but we’re glad it was this time because that meant far fewer vehicles on slippery roadways, which meant far fewer chances for fatal crashes or people becoming stranded along the road.

And while the process of finding your now-buried car and clearing out your driveway or parking space can be a long, arduous one, at least your vehicle is in one piece and still operational rather than being smashed up by contact with a guide rail, embankment, utility pole or another automobile and headed to the repair shop or junkyard.

We hope this encourages similar behavior the next time there’s a major snow event in our area.

It is most definitely a case where no news is good news.