Newspapers like ours work hard to earn your trust

In this age where the term “fake news” is part of popular culture and the president of the United States regularly questions the integrity of journalists and the organizations for which they work, it’s pretty easy to lump all media members together as just a bunch of people who are somehow only seeking to put their spin on things rather than reporting the truth.

But a recent study that caught our eye tells us that most of the general public is discerning enough to not see it that way at all.

According to a study from Buzzfeed, newspapers rank as America’s most-trusted news source as 74 percent of adults surveyed said they have faith that what they read in newspapers is reliable information. A healthy 69 percent of responders cited newspaper websites as trustworthy, good for the second-best percentage in the survey.

These numbers are better than those who said they trust broadcast TV news (68 percent), talk radio (57 percent) and, thankfully, Twitter (49 percent) as news sources upon which they can rely.

That tells us that even as newsrooms like ours transition to meet the demands of a growingly-digital world, the public still believes in what print media journalists are doing.

We’re certainly glad to see that, but know that we will not take that trust for granted. Every day, print journalists like the ones at this newspaper are being asked to do more with less and are still making sure that we cover what is important to as many people as possible and is as fair as possible to those involved.

We don’t claim to be perfect, but we feel confident saying the thoroughness of our coverage of the Juniata Valley is not equaled by anyone else.

So, please continue to know that any time you decide to pick up a copy of The Sentinel or read our website, you’re seeing the work of a hard-working group of journalists and editors hoping to maintain and grow your trust each day.

And there’s nothing “fake” about that.