Decision to honor woman on US currency was long overdue

Who will she be? What great woman’s face will be seen regularly by virtually every American in the future – every time they reach into their wallets and purses and pull out a $10 bill?

Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew has said the $10 bill will be redesigned and will feature a woman’s picture replacing the current portrait of Alexander Hamilton.

Any number of possibilities come to mind: Abigail Adams, Jane Addams, Clara Barton, Shirley Chisholm, Helen Keller, Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt and Harriet Tubman are just a few possibilities.

Lew wants to get the public’s opinion and has invited Americans to submit suggestions for the woman to be honored on the new currency. That is appropriate – providing the decision is based on services to the nation and, possibly all humankind.

Political correctness and/or current popularity or notoriety should not influence the decision. The woman chosen should be someone who will be revered 100 years from now.

Again, there are many women, some long gone and known primarily to history buffs, who fit that requirement. That makes Lew’s decision appropriate and yes, long overdue. Americans should be eager to get the new $10 bills in their hands.