Many who won’t stand with Obama actually do

Many Democrat members of Congress are keeping their distance from President Barack Obama, especially when he offers to go to their states to help them in re-election efforts. Just this week, U.S. Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., decided at the last minute he had to stay in Washington on Wednesday rather than appear with the president at an event in Denver.

Such behavior – again, far from rare among Democrats in the Senate and House of Representatives -reflects awareness that many of their constituents are fed up with Obama. His dishonesty, broken promises and actions that will cost them money have alienated many voters, including Democrats.

But it is one thing to decide one should not stand on the stage at a fundraiser with Obama. At some point, many voters will catch on that the same lawmakers refusing to do so have stood with the president when it counted – by voting for laws the public dislikes intensely.