Liquor privatization pursuit must continue

Gov. Tom Corbett said at a recent news conference that he has not given up on a plan to change the state’s system of liquor stores.

Beyond that, he didn’t offer a lot of details other than to say “there is a lot of discussion going on” regarding the privatization of liquor stores that the public doesn’t know about.

We certainly hope so.

It’s time for the state’s lawmakers to stop rationalizing on behalf of Pennsylvania’s outdated, government-managed system and join all the other states except Utah in privatizing its liquor stores.

That this system is still around proves how difficult it is to dismantle anything that the government is running. Conventional thinking is thrown out the car window in favor of a blind allegiance to government protectionism.

Here’s hoping that ends regarding liquor privatization and a host of other matters in the near future.

– Williamsport Sun-Gazette