Got coverage??Maybe, maybe not

The good news is the Obamacare website – – seems to be able to handle many users at one time.

After two months of website crashes, the White House announced Sunday now is able to handle as many as 50,000 users at one time. How they use it to explore health insurance options has been refined, too.

Now, for the bad news: Many of those who use the website to sign up for health insurance may find out they do not really have coverage.

Once a user provides all the information sought by the website, he will be informed he is covered. But information being sent to the insurance companies actually writing the policies often is incomplete or incorrect.

After Jan. 1, some people who think they are covered may learn they are not.

This is typical of President Barack Obama’s administration – flashy on the outside but rotten on the inside.

So, despite what the administration claims, the website is still broken.