Celebrate safely this Christmas

For many of us, the period including Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day – you may have heard this referred to as “the holidays” once or twice – is a time for being around friends and family and showing others how much you care for them.

It is also a time for celebration and sharing good laughs and good memories with the ones you love.

It’s a time to indulge a bit, but unfortunately, some people don’t know when to quit or for some reason don’t have the ability to say “enough’s enough.”

It’s no surprise that during these times of celebration, there’s always a few who make poor decisions or worse – like getting behind the wheel of a car – after drinking.

The quickest way to turn a happy time into a somber one is to not take measures to ensure you and yours are celebrating safely.

We implore you to enjoy this most wonderful time of the year with your family and friends, but we also implore you to make your celebration a safe one.

That’s the best way to have a truly happy holiday.