Going overboard for voter equality ensures fairness

First-time voters had to present identification proof in order to vote in Tuesday’s General Election.

As far as we can tell, no one was disadvantaged by the procedure.

The request for ID is not something brand new to election day procedure, but it’s more of an issue to some since the advent of the state’s Voter ID law.

We will repeat what we have said from the start: There’s nothing punitive about having to present an ID of some kind in order to vote in an election.

Our most sacred of all democratic rights should be available to everyone eligible and also equal to all.

A look around the world shows how special our system truly is.

That said, there have been multiple reports in recent years of dead people kept on voting rolls and people voting illegitimately.

We will never apologize for the philosophy of going overboard to assure the integrity of voting is protected.

– The (Williamsport) Sun-Gazette