Raising the limit limit

We drive the interstates frequently. There are sections, for example, of Interstate 81 where, as soon as you enter the highway from the on-ramp, you feel like you’re in a NASCAR race.

The same is true for the Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

And indeed, sections of Interstate 81 below Wilkes-Barre and into Scranton are posted at 55 mph.


Because people are driving too fast and there are too many crashes.

Most motorists are in a hurry – and it doesn’t matter much to them if the interstate they’re on is rural or not.

So, we view with extreme caution a recent proposal in Harrisburg to allow the state – with studies and further considerations – to raise the “maximum” 65 mph speed limit on certain interstates and the turnpike to 70 mph.

Heck, most people on interstates and the turnpike are going 70 mph already.

Raise it and they’ll drive 75 mph … or faster.

The argument that faster speeds on interstates will provide for “more efficient delivery of goods and services throughout the Commonwealth” doesn’t wash.

People simply want to drive faster if they can – or cannot by law – but they do.

Faster speed limits narrow the safety factor.

What’s more important?

– The (Lock Haven) Express