Not registered? Not much time left

There’s not much time left for those who want to sign up to vote in the Nov. 5 General Election, but there is time if you are serious.

Monday, Oct. 7 is the final day. We realize that’s not much advance notice, but we don’t really feel sorry for you. After all, you should have been signed up long before this. Didn’t you vote in the Primary Election, or last fall’s General?

Well, we know the answer if you are not ready to vote next month. Get to the courthouse in your respective county seat first thing Monday, and they will be happy to sign you up if you are of legal age -18 – and meet other requirements. If you are registered but need a civilian absentee ballot, Oct. 29 is the last day to get one.

Voters in Mifflin and Juniata counties typically come out to the polls in good number and we hope that trend continues. This is, after all, an “off” election meaning that local offices make up a majority of the ballot. Actions of the people who do and will fill these offices directly affect your life more than most elected officials, Please remember that when deciding whether to vote in this election.

Please vote and, if you are not registered, remember that you have one last chance – on Monday.