NRA won’t forsake Second Amendment

If you believe a ban on the sale of guns – any guns – by the National Rifle Association at its upcoming Great American Outdoor Show goes against the Second Amendment, think again.

Trust us, the NRA surely doesn’t feel that way. This is what’s been done for years at other NRA shows. There are displays of a wide variety of firearms, and you can usually look them over very carefully. So why stop short of buying? Quite simply, the NRA says, so that show goers will spend their money at local gun dealers, instead of vendors from who knows where? And make no mistake, there will be plenty of items for sale aside from firearms.

If you are a long-time patron of the Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show, you should know that large displays of guns were not always common there. Booths manned by hunting and fishing outfitters and boat manufacturers were more the norm. Only in more recent years did firearms sellers appear in force. Then, well, we all know what happened last year.

It’s our hope that the Great American Outdoor Show takes root and grows into an enduring tradition. We believe the National Rifle Association is a good choice to make that happen.

No one fights harder to protect our Second Amendment rights than the NRA. From this perspective, we see absolutely no reason why that will ever change.