Head for the polls Tuesday, May 21

Simple advice for Tuesday: GET OUT AND VOTE! Sorry to be belligerent, but sometimes it seems that’s the only way. We would like to see record-breaking voter turnout, and are willing to go to some lengths to help make that happen.

Part of that plan was Primary Election 2013, which appeared in Friday’s edition. The eight-page section included scads of information about a number of folks seeking your vote for nomination to appear on the General Election ballot in November.

Preparing yourself to cast votes involves lots more than just reading one newspaper section several days before the election. Each year you have to research the offices that are open for election, and then the people who are seeking re-election, or making bids for the first time. Then you need to seek out what the candidates stand for regarding the issues being debated in the office they seek.

When candidates decline to share that information with the people whose votes they are seeking, well, we think that should send warning signs to voters. That, dear voters, in the end will be up to you.

In the meantime, let us say that the voters of Mifflin and Juniata counties have historically come out in droves on Election Day, no matter which offices are open. Three cheers for that, and keep up the good work.

It’s way too late for one area involving your preparation for Election Day. If you are not registered to vote, well, better luck next time. Generally voter registration ends about a month before the day voters go to the polls. April 22 was that day for the Primary Election. Here’s some good news, though: You may sign up for the fall General Election as early as May 22.

If you are registered to vote on Tuesday, please do not forsake that privilege. Many, many died fighting for the freedoms that allow you to select the officials that govern you and, when they don’t live up to their promises, remove them from office.