EMS shouldn’t be taken for granted

There are probably few people who, in their lifetime, will not have had some experience of witnessing the life-saving skills of emergency medical services professionals in one way or another. A loved one’s life can hang in the balance.

The care and the comfort provided by EMS personnel never becomes so important, so critical.

We tend to take their services for granted.

Last week was National EMS Week and was proclaimed by municipal organizations throughout the area.

Though the official recognition week has ended, we encourage you to remember the services they provide and their dedication throughout the year.

We want to thank the Seven Mountains EMS Council and all of the EMS professionals, including volunteers, who fall under the Seven Mountains umbrella of professionalism for the following statistics.

EMS responded to over 1.9 million requests for assistance throughout Pennsylvania in 2011.

That volume results in an EMS dispatch every 18 seconds.

Also, this representation doesn’t include other responsibilities including various community/public health events and routine transports, community information & education, training and continuing education, and general organizational duties washing/inventory of vehicles, maintenance of building and vehicles, etc.

Within our region – Centre, Clinton, Juniata, and Mifflin counties – there are approximately 1,000 EMS providers staffing 69 ambulances and 21 quick response vehicles to assure optimal prehospital medical care is available anytime, anywhere when requested.

These individuals responded to roughly 30,500 requests for emergency medical assistance in 2012.

Whether providing care as part of a quick response service or through a local ambulance service; at the Basic Life Support or Advanced Life Support level; on the ground or in the air; as a career choice or on a volunteer basis, all emergency medial care providers are dedicated professionals who spend countless hours preparing for and responding to family, friends, neighbors, and total strangers in their time of need.

Take the time to thank the EMS providers within your community and tell them how much you appreciate their commitment to making sure that quality emergency medical care is just a telephone call away anytime, anywhere.