Join in process that shapes community

Sometimes it’s easier to just sit by while others make decisions for you. What a hassle it can be to become part of the process. You might not like the way things are being handled, but – you just don’t have the time, or the desire, or the -well, just what is it?

To be sure, helping to direct the future of your community takes desire, commitment and a certain degree of drive. Having an open mind and the ability to listen to and consider all sides also comes in handy. And, it helps to be patient and accept the will of the majority when all is said and done.

Most encouraging, therefore, is seeing people come forward and express their views regarding proposals that could affect their communities. In recent days folks have turned out at public meetings to question plans for an asphalt plant in Brown Township, and wind turbines on Jack’s Mountain in Union Township.

We’re not here to take sides in either situation. It’s up to the folks who live and work in those areas to give and take details on the proposals and for the public officials who are elected to act on their behalf to make the decisions one way or the other.

It’s the participation in the process that grabbed our attention, and we want to applaud the people who have joined in the public discourse. Being able to do so is one of the precious freedoms that make living in this great nation so special. And it feels good when you have put forth real effort and made a difference in the world around you.