Pa. may be next right-to-work battleground state

There was Wisconsin. Then there was Michigan.

Could Pennsylvania be the next right-to-work battleground state?

Speaking to 84th District constituents at a town hall meeting last week, state Rep. Garth Everett, a Muncy Republican, detailed a six-bill package to give workers the option not to be forced to join a labor union and pay dues.

State House Republicans, who hold a majority, are pushing the package for reasons of which many people already are aware:

Government is now providing many of the oversights, such as worker safety, that unions provide.

Workers don’t always support how their union dues are spent, particularly on political campaigns.

Workers should have a choice of work situations rather than being forced to join a union.

The pushback against these arguments is the belief that without unions workers lose collective bargaining and their rights are endangered.

As evidenced by Wisconsin and Michigan, these can become emotional, politically divisive debates.

But one thing that is not debatable is the outcome following right-to-work legislation. Almost uniformly, states that move to right-to-work status experience economic growth.

We can’t imagine most Pennsylvanians aren’t in favor of the increased job opportunities that economic growth creates.

-Williamsport Sun-Gazette