Holy trinity and Holy family


The Holy Family of Joseph, Mary and Jesus was the most perfect family and the only perfect family that ever lived on this planet earth.

I acknowledge and admire those families who make every effort to imitate the Holy Family. I appreciate them and encourage them. If many families were to imitate the life of this Holy Family, then, this world should be entirely different from what it is now.

Christmas portrays the Holy Family. Christmas also connects all our families into the Holy Family as it connects all children to the baby Jesus.

The Incarnation, God becoming man, the Word becoming flesh was intended by God to reassure his divine presence in all human families.

Why should God plan to send his Son, born of a Virgin betrothed to Joseph?

It was to give a very powerful and a positive message of good news to all human families. It was to teach all human families to imitate the Holy Family of Nazareth which is the replica of the divine family of God the Most Holy Trinity in heaven.

The Holy Family of Joseph, Mary and Jesus is the beacon of all families in the world, and for all times to come. This Holy Family has left a lasting impression on all families in the world. The effect of this Holy Family has changed the course of human history.

“May Nazareth serve as a model of what the family should be” said St. Paul VI

Joseph and Mary found Jesus in the temple after having lost him on their way back home from their annual pilgrimage to Jerusalem Temple.

This teaches a great lesson to all young people. We don’t expect our young people to remain always in the church, like Samuel or Jesus. But, they could and should make Jesus present wherever they are and whatever they do.

Where did Jesus learn his scriptures? Jesus learnt scriptures from Joseph and Mary. Also, Jesus learnt scriptures from his faithful and weekly attendance at the local synagogue.

Do Christian parents teach their faith to their children? Do families pray together?

Do families use Bible in their family prayer? Do they bring their children to Sunday worship and other community celebrations? Do they send their children to Sunday class and Summer Bible study?

I am sure you encourage your children and grandchildren to practice their faith. I am sure you didn’t ask them before Christmas, ‘Do you still believe in ‘Santa’?

Finally, about the ‘lost and found’ incident:

There are seven sorrows attributed to our Blessed Virgin Mary.

1.The prophecy of Simeon. “You yourself a sword will be pierced” (Lk 2:35)

2.The escape and flight into Egypt.

3.The loss of the child Jesus in the Temple of Jerusalem.

4.The meeting of Mary with Jesus on the Via Dolorosa.

5.The crucifixion of Jesus on Mount Calvary.

6.The piercing on the side of Jesus with a spear and his descent from the cross.

7.The burial of Jesus by Joseph of Arimathea.

In the first three sorrows, Joseph was still alive. In the rest of the four sorrows Joseph was not alive.

Among these seven sorrows, the third sorrow, ‘losing Jesus for three days’ was the sorrow that caused the greatest pain to our Blessed Mother in spite of the presence of Joseph with her. It was because, in all other six sorrows, Jesus was with his beloved mother. But in this particular one sorrow, Jesus was not with her. And, it was not only that Jesus was away from his beloved mother, but also he was lost to her. She didn’t know his whereabouts. Jesus was out of her sight.

This speaks volumes to all of us. This is the important point I would like to stress now.

Keep Jesus at the center of your life. Keep Jesus at the center of your family life.

Husbands, keep Jesus at the center of your life. Wives, keep Jesus at the center of your life. Sons, keep Jesus at the center of your life. Daughters, keep Jesus at the center of your life. Families, keep Jesus at the center of your life.

Jesus said, “What God has joined together, no human being must separate” (Mk 10:9) You have church marriage because you want your marriage to become a sacrament, to be benefitted by the saving grace of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Through the sacrament of matrimony, it is Jesus who brings the spouses together and keeps them stay together.

If every spouse keeps Jesus as the center of his/her life and if spouses together keep Jesus as the center of their family life, then, there could be no possibility of separation or divorce. Families are divided only when one or both spouses keep Jesus away from their life.

The Holy Family of Nazareth is the replica of God the Most Holy Trinity of heaven. The Nazareth family alone is the Holy Family because Jesus was its center. When we keep Jesus the center of our family, then, our families also become the replica of the Holy Family of Nazareth and the family of God the Most Holy Trinity.


Fr. Jayaseelan Amalanathan is from Chennai, South India, now working as the Parochial Vicar for the parishes of Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, Lewistown and St. Jude church, Mifflintown. Continuing the ministry of Jesus Christ for 29 years, he spent his ministry in India toward the uplift of the most deprived and marginalized people and was awarded in the year 2015, the title of ‘Doctor of Divinity’ (Honoris Causa) by the Academy of Ecumenical Indian Theology and Church Administration.